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Bartender Barcode Software v10.x

BarTender Barcode Software | BarTender Label Design Software


In today's modern marketplace, many managers and owners have experienced an increased need for tracking and labeling solutions. BarTender software is the comprehensive, internationally used software solution for any business labeling and tracking requirement. With a host of intuitive interface controls and options suited for every situation, BarTender is the first choice for many business professionals.

As the name implies, BarTender is an exceedingly easy to use interface for creating barcode labels. With 95 current barcode symbologies available, BarTender is able to easily create codes and labels for a variety of purposes, including codes for postal and medical environments. BarTender also boasts highly intuitive data tracking and database management options, including the ability to share information from triggering systems that are not based on Microsoft Windows architecture. 

Identification tags and security applications are also easily handled by BarTender. RFID objects can be created just as simply and easily as barcode tracking symbols. Also, graphics can be easily imported into BarTender, making custom logos and security tags easy to create. From tracking advertisements and shipping stages to managing business security requirements, BarTender is a single, powerful solution.

There are currently four main editions of BarTender, following a tiered setup of features and cost.

1. BarTender Basic Edition Barcode & Label Software: This is the essential build of BarTender's most popular features. The basic edition includes most of the most utilized labeling features, as well as text, graphics, barcode and serializing functions. This is a useful purchase for professionals looking for a labeling and barcode solution that does not include database support and automated tracking options.

BarTender Basic includes:

  • One PC license and free phone support
  • Most major template design options
  • On-screen text editing
  • All barcode and most RFID functions
  • Data entry form design
  • Basic data processing services

Try BarTender Trial Version - Free for 30 days - web download

2. BarTender Professional Edition Label Software: BarTender Professional expands the labeling options from BarTender Basic to include all of the powerful labeling options currently available. Also, this software package includes broadened data tracking and spreadsheet compatibility for improved data management. Two companion applications, Batch Maker and Print Station, are included to further increase functionality. Like BarTender Basic, encoding is limited to magnetic stripes, and cannot function with smart cards.

BarTender Professional includes (In addition to BarTender Basic):

  • Full text editing functionality
  • Enhanced printing and print management options
  • Broadened database communication and compatibility
  • All data processing features
  • Basic integration and system administration/security options

Try BarTender Trial Version - Free for 30 days - web download

3. BarTender Software -Automation Edition: This upgraded version of BarTender offers all of the powerful design tools currently available. In addition, software integration and system automation are the major differences with this build. ActiveX automation, cross-platform integration and a full suite of companion applications (except for Librarian) come with this software package. 

BarTender Automation Edition includes:

  • License based on printer use, not PC
  • Full design, barcode, printing and data functions
  • Magnetic strip encoding
  • All standard integration features
  • Some advanced integration and enterprise print management function

Try BarTender Trial Version - Free for 30 days - web download

4. BarTender Software - Enterprise Edition: The most powerful, comprehensive edition of BarTender to date, Enterprise Edition utilizes every available tool and application available to create a complete labeling and tracking solution for every business need. Full integration, print management and security options are available, as well as the ability to encode smart cards as well as magnetic stips.

BarTender Enterprise Edition includes (in addition to BarTender Automation):

  • Enhanced integration options
  • Complete system admin and security tools
  • Every companion application for increased utility
  • Remote, web based printing
  • Communication with centralized databases

Try BarTender Trial Version - Free for 30 days - web download

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