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L801 Labels

Afinia L801 Labels for Memjet Label Printers

Optimedia Labs is proud to carry Afinia L801 Memjet labels for label printers powered by Memjet technology. Memjet color label printers print color labels at high speeds, up to 15 times faster than other color label printers. Memjet printers place 700 million droplets of ink per second on the labels that flow through it. This speed and precision requires labels that can accept that ink without smudging and smearing. Our Memjet labels are designed for use with Memjet technology and dry instantly. They will not smudge or smear as they quickly move through the label printer.


Memjet Labels for Supported Memjet Label Printers

One of the most popular color Memjet label printers is the Afinia L801 label printer. We carry a large selection of Afinia L801 Memjet labels in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our Memjet Labels are also compatible with other Memjet printers including but not limited to: Cyberdyne CDT-1600 C, Rapid X1, SpeedStar 3000, and Trojan One color label printers. Browse our selection of Memjet labels today.


Custom Afinia L801 Labels for Memjet Label Printers

Do you have a Memjet label printer from a different manufacturer or need Memjet labels in a size, substrate, or shape not found in our current inventory? We can custom make Memjet labels for any application. Request a quote and let us know what you need today.


Need Help Selecting Memjet Labels?

Whether you know exactly what you need but can't find it or are not sure which Memjet label type is best for your intended application, we can help. Contact us today for expert assistance.