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AFINIA L501 Color Printer - Dye


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AFINIA L501 Dye Inkjet Color Printer

Afinia L501D (Dye) Color Label Printer - Duo Ink Capable

Afinia Label’s L501 color label printer is a duo ink label printer that can be used with either dye-based or pigment-based inks. The Afinia L501D (dye) model comes with the dye printhead and dye inks. With the dye inks, the L501 can be used to print vibrant color labels such as product labels.

If your label printing needs change, either right away or at some point in the future, you can order the pigment printhead and pigment inks (sold separately) and use the L501 to print durable industrial labels.

Since the Afinia L501 dye label printer accepts both the dye printhead and inks as well as the pigment printhead and inks, it can be converted back and forth as your needs change. With the L501, there’s no need to purchase two separate color label printers to print product and industrial labels.

What’s the Difference between Dye and Pigment Inks used in the Afinia L501?

Dye inks are commonly used to print “prime” labels, which are considered the best quality. Examples of prime labels are product labels with colorful graphics and compelling marketing messages. Dye inks produce vibrant colors, but the labels can fade over time and are more sensitive to exposure to UV light and water.

In contrast, pigment inks are more muted in color but much more durable, offering significantly better resistance to UV light, water, abrasions, and other harsh environmental conditions. Plus, they do not smudge or smear. Pigment inks are used for industrial purposes where durability is desired including standard carton labels, marine labels, and GHS BS5609 chemical labels.

Why Order the Afinia L501D?

The Afinia L501D is an excellent choice for printing high resolution prime product labels with a print resolution of up to 2400dpi. It can print labels up to 8.5 inches in width and accepts large label rolls with an outside diameter of up to 8 inches. stocks and sells this printer in Canada for quick delivery to business across Canada, plus a large variety of labels for the Afinia L501D, optimized for the dye-based inks and HP technology used by this printer. Materials available include high gloss paper, polyester, and polypropylene labels.

If you also need to print industrial labels, the Afinia L501 can easily do that thanks to its Duo Ink technology. Simply swap out the ink cartridges and printheads! also carries a large selection of labels optimized for the pigment inks and technologies used by the Afinia L501.

The Afinia L501D dye color label printer is a compact unit with a handy front panel touchscreen, a powered cutter, and an integrated unwinder that accepts a 3-inch core and an outside diameter of up to 8 inches.

Whether you need Duo Ink Technology right away or would like the option to print with pigment inks at some point in the future, starting with the Afinia L501D allows you to print vibrant prime labels now. When you’re ready to start printing with pigment inks, you won’t need to buy a second label printer.


Is the Afinia L501D the right color label printer for your needs? We can help you determine that. can even print sample labels for you on the L501 and provide you with a detailed cost analysis based on your own label design and anticipated monthly production volume. Request sample labels now.