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AFINIA L501 Color Printer - Pigment


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AFINIA L501 GHS Pigment Inkjet Color Printer

Afinia L501P (Pigment) Industrial Color Label Printer - DUO Ink Technology

Featuring Duo Ink Technology, the Afinia L501P (pigment) color label printer can be used with either pigment or dye ink. The L501P comes with the pigment printhead and inks. However, if you’d like to use it to also print with dye inks, you can order the dye printhead and dye ink cartridges (sold separately). With both sets of ink types, the L501 becomes a two-in-one color label printer!

What’s the Difference between Pigment and Dye Inks?

Pigment inks are used for printing durable industrial labels that are likely to be exposed to the elements such as rain, ultraviolet light, and water. These inks are the most durable and weather resistant, and they don’t smudge or smear. In contrast, dye inks are less durable and don’t hold up as well. Dye inks, on the other hand, are much brighter, producing bolder colors. They’re typically used for “prime” labels like product labels that need to look as appealing as possible to consumers.

If your most pressing labeling need is for printing durable industrial labels the Afinia L501P version is a good choice. With the L501P, you can start out using it for industrial label printing. When your needs change, simply order the dye printhead and dye ink cartridges and begin printing your own prime labels with the L501.

Become GHS BS5609 Compliant in Canada with the Afinia L501P

Canadian manufacturers must now comply with Canada’s GHS regulations, part of a global effort to standardize chemical labeling. In order to produce GHS BS5609-compliant labels, you will need a compliant label printer and compliant label stock certified for use with that particular printer. With the Afinia L501P, you can produce GHS BS5609-compliant labels by using the pigment ink with the GHS BS5609-compliant chemical labels sold by

Why Order the Afinia L501P Industrial Label Printer?

We recommend the Afinia L501P color label printer if you plan on printing industrial labels, GHS labels, or barcodes initially. Remember, you can always add prime label printing at a later date without having to invest in a second high resolution color label printer.

The Afinia L501P is a high resolution color label printer with a resolution of up to 2400dpi. You can print larger labels with the L501P, too — up to 8.5 inches wide. Your label rolls can have an outside diameter of up to eight inches.

A touchscreen display and powered cutter are also helpful features. With its compact size and Duo Ink Technology, the Afinia L501 is a versatile label printer for small and mid-size production environments.

We carry a large selection of blank labels for the Afinia L501, including labels made specifically for the L501’s pigment and dye inks.

If you’re in the market for an industrial color label printer, the Afinia L501P is worth your consideration. If you’re also looking for a prime label printer, you’ll appreciate that the L501 serves as two printers in one. I helps businesses in Canada to bring industrial and prime color label printing in house. We’re happy to print sample labels upon request and answer any questions you may have about the Afinia L501. Contact us today to learn more.


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