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The Primera Bravo 4100-Series disc publishers are easily the fastest desktop cd dvd disc printers, dvd duplicators, and publishers. The Primera Bravo 4100-series only takes just six (6) seconds to print each disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) with 100% coverage in near-perfect quality, you'll be stunned at how fast your jobs will now get completed.


The Bravo 4100 autoprinter is a print only version. This model will print your CD DVD and Blu-ray disc in 4800 dpi photographic quality in just 6 seconds per disc.

The Bravo 4101 and Bravo 4102 come with a DVD burner so that you can burn (duplicate) and print your CD and DVD.

The Bravo 4101-Blu and Bravo 4102-Blue come with Blu-Rays drives so that you can duplicate (burn) and print your disc.