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VIPColor Label Printers

VIPColor Label Printers

Wine label printers are essential for the business that produces hundreds of bottles of wine a day. While the producer may not have a massive factory at their disposal, the bottles and labels can still look fantastic when they are adorned by printers from VIPColor. Printing labels from a roll or fan-folded cartons, these printers can also produce labels that are extremely durable. The VP495 printer from VIPColor prints chemical and drum labels that are perfect for industrial use. Choosing the right printer can sell more wine, keep inventory clear and label hazardous chemicals.

Print Your Own Wine labels with the VIPColor VP485 label printer

The VIPColor VP485 printer is a high-contrast, color label printer that is able to produce the designated wine labels or product label from a spindle of label paper very quickly. While there are many labels to be produced, this label printer can put out labels as fast the producer needs. With the easy-to-use on-board functions and continuous feed spool this printer is perfect for producing wine labels or any other product label that can be placed directly on to product as soon as its printed.

Print Your Own GHS Drum Labels with the VIPColor VP495 label printer

The VIPColor VP495 printer is designed to print from the spool of label paper with pigment-based inks that are meant for chemical and drum use. There are many corrosive chemicals in factories that can eat away at labels. These labels, often times, keep workers safe and identify chemicals that are used in the factory. Therefore, with the VP495, waterproof GHS drum labels can be produced that will stand up to chemicals and other harsh conditions. For the factory owner or manager who is concerned with safety and proper inventory, the VP495 is the perfect printer.

When choosing the right printers to print labels for wine bottles, alcohol bottles or chemical drums, the VP485 and VP495 are more than capable. These printers are designed to stand up to the test of rigorous use while also printing durable labels for products from delicate wine bottles to sturdy industrial drums. While these labels are printed, they can be easily removed and affixed where they need to be as soon as they are off the spool.

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