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Print Your Own Barcode Labels with a Color Label Printer

The pros and cons of selecting a high dpi to print barcode labels are debatable for most people. However, no one questions the benefits of having the capacity to print barcode labels as needed. Using high resolution printers for barcode labels can be a solution for quality and economic reasons. Scannability of barcodes on limited space might cost more with most high resolution printers. However, there are some printers that offer the right balance. Making the right choice for barcode label printing typically depends on the end-use application.


Barcodes, images and text are reproduced more accurately with a high resolution barcode label printer. Using a printer with a high resolution is the perfect choice for having a small barcode or excess text. Labeling small areas of a package or container is also easier with high resolution printers.


Fortunately, the right choice for printing barcode labels with high resolution printers is on the market. Primera’s LX900 color label printer utilizes 4800 dpi to produce high quality barcode labels. This high-performance printer can produce industrial barcode labels in black and white or color.Barcode Label printed by LX900


The Primera LX900 color label printer is an industry leader for barcode labels. With the latest inkjet technology, this printer produces on-demand barcode labels for a variety of applications such as pallet and drum labels.


There are more expensive models on the market that do not provide better quality than the Primera LX900. Now, businesses can have barcode labels in wide formats at an affordable price. Gone is the need to make a large capital investment on an expensive printer that might not last.


The Primera LX900 is the perfect solution for barcode labels. This color label printer comes with NiceLabel Software for designing customized barcode labels. Businesses can add logos and warning symbols for a high-quality finish.


Optimedia Labs is your Business Printing Partner for Barcode Label Printing Supplies

Optimedia Labs is a top seller of the Primera LX900 and LX400 color label printers plus Epson labels printers, VIPColor label pritners and Afinia color label printers. All of these printers are great for printing your own barcode labels in house ondemand.  Businesses can remain competitive with adequate inventory from Optimedia. Printers and supplies are delivered promptly to maintain the pace of business.

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