Vitamin Labels

Vitamin Labels

Print your own vitamin labels with a color label printer from Optimedia Labs

Business owners can make a great idea for customized vitamin labels stick by using customized printing techniques. Most vitamin products come in different formulations and unit sizes, which requires production flexibility with vitamin labels. Flexibility in printing vitamin labels on-demandis an easy, affordable way to limit quantities. The alternative is to purchase large quantities of vitamin labels for every type of herbal, nutritional or sports supplement sold.


The answer is to design and print vitamin labels in short-runs based on demand. Primera LX400 color label printer offers a straightforward, easy-to-use process for creating high-quality vitamin labels.


The vitamin industry is one of the largest selling industries. However, business owners want to remain solvent by using a cost-efficient method to label printing. The Primera LX400 reduces the cost per label while ensuring an excess quantity of labels does not remain in inventory.


Vitamin Supplement Label printed with LX900With a Primera LX400, business owners who sell vitamin products can maintain inventory levels based on demand. When the demand for a specific vitamin rises, vitamin labels are printed to meet that demand. When demand decreases, there are no excess labels for products that might not sell before the expiration date.


The Primera LX400 color label printer allows business owners to create and print their own vitamin labels. Utilizing the latest in inkjet printing technology, the LX400 produces high-quality images and clear text for vitamin products.


Vitamin label printed with LX400

Partner with Optimedia Labs for Printing High-Quality Vitamin Labels

When business owners need a quality, on-demand printing option, Optimedia Labs is the best selection. As a top seller of Primera Technology printing products, Optimedia Labs understands the importance of running an efficient business. Whenever a business owner needs more supplies, he or she can count on Optimedia Labs’ excellent customer service. Optimedia Labs provides LX400 and LX900 color label printers, plus the supplies to make quality vitamin labels.

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