Name Tag Label Printers

Name tag printers for sale: When security matters

When it comes to restricting access to facilities as part of security measures, it may be hard to do so for all visitors. Manually checking the ID of every person and keeping a journal of all the entries and exits is a nuisance. Going with temporary access cards is also a time-consuming and quite expensive option. So how can you get around it? The golden mean for you may revolve around using a name tag printer machine to automate and simplify the access restriction process and keep your facility secure.

Using expiring direct thermal name badges, you can print the visitor’s name and other crucial access-related information. These badges are featured with the ‘VOID’ word in 24 hours. That means visitors can’t reuse their badges the next day to enter your facility. And you don’t even need to collect badges back when they leave the secured area.

OptiMediaLabs is your source of portable and stationary name label makers to help you manage the security of your facility with the information of your employees or visitors. These printers come from the best vendors, allowing you to set your security bar high.

Do I need a name badge printer?

Buying a name tag label printer for conferences, business meetings, and corporate events may not be the best idea. But if you’re involved in managing the security of hospitals, schools, offices, or industrial facilities, a decent name badge printer is worth being shortlisted.

You can use a name tag label printer to control and guide the flow of visitors or monitor the performance of your employees. When buying a printer, factor in the expenses of owning one or several printers and consumables you’ll need to restock on a regular basis.

How to choose a name tag label printer?

The first thing to consider is the name tags you’ll be using with your printer. Always buy a name label printer with compatible name tags to avoid mismatched results or chemical agent issues. These may arise when your temporary name badges lose their identification properties over time.

Contact us if you aren’t sure which name tag printer is best for your access control needs and what name tags you should use with it. We’ll diligently assess your requirements and find the optimal solution, whether it is a stationary or portable printer that you can benefit from most.

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