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RFID printers are the best solution for businesses that need to produce very small and effective RFID tags for their business. Many times, these tags are used for security purposes, but these tags can also be used for inventory and shipping to ensure that the company is keeping proper tally of their inventory. Regardless of the need, these RFID tags are no longer just used by spies in the grey world of espionage. Now, modern businesses can use RFID tags to save money and streamline their processes.


The Primera RX900 Color RFID printer is designed to help print out colorful and brilliant tags and labels that can be used in any phase of the business. The printer does more than use ink to produce these tags and labels. The Primera RX900 has a coder to make pressure-sensitive tags and also produces high-contrast color RFID tags that can be used for inventory and security purposes.

These RFID tags can be applied to secure items and set to trigger an alarm system or siren when they are depressed. Also, these tags can be produced to leave inside merchandise so that the thief cannot get away without setting off the security system.

The color tags can also be used for inventory and tagging of items that have been color-coded within the company's systems.


The Primera RX900f color RFID printer is designed to produce foam-backed RFID tags and tags that are meant to be used near metals or liquids. Many times, the RFID tags that are placed near metals or liquids are destroyed or interrupted by the presence of liquid or metal. However, the RFID tags produced by the RX900f can stand up to the test of metal and liquid usage while also making color, foam-backed tags that will work perfectly on any delicate merchandise or anything that must be protected.

When looking for a stable way to produce RFID labels and tags that will assist your business with inventory or processes, it is best to use the Primera RX900 and RX900f RFID printers to produce the RFID tags that will keep the business profitable and items safe while on the move or in the store.