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Printing barcodes and labels is an essential capability for many businesses, and a broad range of advanced but intuitive software is available to make the process easier. OptiMedia Labs offers the full range of BarTender and NiceLabel Designer software packages—see below for a complete description of each edition.

BarTender Basic is the ground-level edition of the award-winning software line, including all the most commonly used features. Though it lacks all database functionality, it has full-featured label and barcode design tools, serializing capability and magnetic strip encoding, as well as the companion program Print Station. A free 30-day trial is available.

BarTender Professional builds on the Basic version, with the use of spreadsheets, network databases, and OLE/ODBC functionality. With RFID capability and the Batch Maker companion program, this is ideal for your larger-scale business.

BarTender Automation allows you to mass-produce barcodes and labels, with software integration including ActiveX Automation and Seagull's Commander, allowing you to work with computers running different operating systems. Available in 3- and 5-printer licenses.

BarTender Enterprise Automation is the top of the line, with advanced server functionality for administration, security, and print centralization. Its integration capabilities include TCP/IP, XML and SAP All, as well as a Web Print Server and a full suite of companion software. Available in 3- and 5-printer licenses.

NiceLabel Designer Express is the most streamlined (and inexpensive) edition of NiceLabel's software, with a graphic design interface making it easy to create custom barcodes with added text, borders, and even images. The program can interact with Microsoft Excel, allowing you to keep track of all your barcodes with a database.

NiceLabel Designer Standard adds features that all but the smallest operations will find valuable, such as linked fields, OLE and ODBC database connectivity, and the use of concatenated variables. The proprietary NicePrint generic operator print module eases printing your labels in an industrial setting.

NiceLabel Designer Pro is the brand's full-featured edition, adding onto the Standard package with advanced design tools for maximum control over text and images. Your IT department will appreciate the full capabilities of SQL queries and multiple database connections, as well as scripting tools with global variables, custom check digits, full serialization and output masks. The EasyForms customizable print module adds more options onto the printing capabilities of the Standard edition, making this the ideal tool for large-scale operations.

NiceLabel Suite doubles the value of Designer Pro with additional software, including Application Builder, a tool for the quick and efficient creation of custom labeling programs. This lets you fine-tune every aspect of your labeling and barcode creation to fit your company's exact needs. Multi-user licenses are also available, allowing 5, 10, 20 or even 50 simultaneous users on your network.