Handheld Printers

Get a handheld label maker to label on the go

How many times have you planned to organize your warehouse inventory mess? Or label groceries at your store for easy identification? With a portable label maker, any printing process takes less time and effort. To buy one for yours, check out our selection for the printer that perfectly fits your requirements.

With OptiMediaLabs, you can shop a variety of hand label printers for sale, including the powerful LW-PX900 for industrial applications and the tiny LW-PX300 for remarkable flexibility. These and other handheld printers can be used to label literally anything, whether you’re attaching price tags and safety labels or tagging your inventory.

Depending on applications, you can benefit from a printer with specific functions. So, if an array of options makes it harder for you to make up your mind, call 1-888-646-0573 for assistance. OptiMediaLabs is always on top of the labeling industry progress and can provide you with the on-the-go printing solutions you’ve been looking for.

Handheld portable printers: Quality custom labels when you need them most

These label printers can be used for labels of various shapes and sizes. With a handheld portable printer, you can get square, round, or oval die-cut labels and adjust the width to fit your products or packaging. Once done, you can easily move it to another unit or facility to proceed with your labeling without having to set up a bulky machine.

Some handheld label makers allow you to upload Excel batch files to facilitate the labeling process. Those that are compatible with Label Editor software and application-specific solutions can greatly simplify your routine with wires and price tags.

Expect crisp and clear images on your labels due to the high print resolution handheld printers are capable of. Aside from regular labeling materials, magnetic and strong adhesive tapes are available as media for your needs.

Most printers that we carry come with A/C adapters, tape cartridges, and other accessories. You should always check the manual to avoid compatibility or other issues.

Lifetime warranty for your portable label maker

Epson LabelWorks handhelds printers in our catalog come with a lifetime warranty from the vendor. Isn’t it the best offer you could ever ask for? You’ll never have to worry about downtime because of a broken or malfunctioning handheld!

Buy a handheld label printer at OptiMediaLabs to bring your label processes beyond office desks and industrial facilities!