Candy Labels

Candy Labels

Print your own candy labels with a color label printer from Optimedia Labs

Increasing candy sales is a sweet deal, particularly when the cost of customized candy labels is reduced. There was a time when printing a small quantity of candy labelswas not cost-effective. Label printing companies typically have minimum purchase requirements. This could lead to purchasing thousands of labels when only 100 were needed. A business owner could spend more on printing than he or she would ever make in sales. Another drawback was waiting weeks to receive the printed candy labels.


Now, the situation is reversed with high returns on low-cost printing options. Customized candy labels can draw the right attention, encouraging customers to buy that specially marked candy package. The value is having the ability to print these customized candy labels in-house. The answer is Primera LX400 color label printer.


Candy Label for Sour AppleWith photo quality finish, the Primera LX400 color label printer produces images with a 4800 dpi resolution. Using the latest inkjet printing technology, the high quality images are guaranteed to project a professional touch. All candy labels printed from the Primera LX400 color label printer are water and scratch proof.


By far, this is the best solution for creating high-quality, customized candy labels. The difference for business owners between using the Primera LX400 and a printing company is the ability to print candy labels when needed. Business owners have the option of creating personalized candy labels to meet the demand for special events or seasonal products.


Partner with Optimedia Labs for Printing High-Quality Candy Labels

Primera LX400 color label printers are available through Optimedia Labs, a top seller of Primera printing products. Optimedia Labs also sells the Primera LX900 color label printer along with printing supplies such as ink cartridges and labels. Optimedia Labs is the answer whenever business owners need high-quality printing solutions.

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