Lip Balm Labels

What are Lip Balm Labels?

Optimedia Labs offers printable lip balm labels designed specifically for Primera LX900, LX810, LX800, VIPColor VP485 and Afinia L801 color label printers. These high quality lip balm tube labels measure 2.01" by 2.13" – the perfect size for standard lip balm tubes. They include a perforation along the top for the safety seal.


What are Lip Balm Labels Made From?

Our lip balm labels are made from white glossy polypropylene (BOPP) label stock which has been stretched in two directions for superior strength and durability. BOPP labels for lip balm are shiny, flex and crack resistant, and perfect for crystal clear printed text and graphics. They are also oil and water resistant. Our lip balm tube labels adhere to the tube's cylindrical shape thanks to the properties of polypropylene and the tight radius adhesive. All of these properties work together, making our pre-cut and pre-perforated labels ideal for lip balm tubes.


Why Choose Lip Balm Labels?

These easy-to-use lip balm labels allow you to print as few as one or two individual labels or hundreds of lip balm tube labels at once. If you offer wholesale or private label lip balm, you can quickly print private labels for your customers on demand.


What Printers are Compatible with Lip Balm Labels?

Optimedia Labs' lip balm labels are designed specifically for the following color label printers:

  • Primera LX900 label printer
  • Primera LX810 label printer
  • Primera LX800 label printer
  • VIPColor VP485 label printer
  • Afinia L801 label printer


How Do I Print a Lip Balm Label For My Lip Balm Tubes?

First, order a roll of OptimediaLabs's lip balm labels from and then load them into your Primera LX900, LX800, LX810, VPColor VP485  or Afinia L801 inkjet compatible color label printer. Use a label design program such as BarTenderr or NiceLabel to create the text and graphics for your lip balm containers.

Once satisfied with your design, print your lip balm labels, peel off the printed label, and apply it to your lip balm tube.


How Do I Apply Balm Labels to Lip Balm Tubes?

Applying a lip balm label to a lip balm tube is a simple matter of peel and stick. However, the process does require lining up the label precisely, and it can become time consuming if you have a large quantity of lip balm tubes to label. Optimedia Labs offers Primera label applicators that can quickly apply up to 1200 labels per hour without wrinkles or mistakes. We recommend either the Primera AP360 or the Primera AP362 label applicator for professionally applied labels.


label.jpgAre Other Sizes Available to Fit My Lip Balm Tubes?

Currently, we offer a standard sized lip balm tube label of 2.01inches by 2.13 inches. If you need lip balm labels in a smaller or larger size, or in a different shape, we can help with our custom label service. To request custom labels, send us a custom label request and include the dimensions. We will provide you with a quote promptly.


Can I Use these Lip Balm Labels on My Other Cosmetic Containers?

These lip balm tube labels are designed for standard lip balm tubes with caps. If you have other products such as eye concealer tubes or topical ointments that are packaged in standard lip balm tubes, then yes, these lip balm tube labels should work beautifully. However, if your product is packaged in a container that's larger or smaller than these labels, you may want to consider our custom label service for the best fit possible. We can custom cut any size lip balm tube label for Primera LX400, LX900, LX800, LX810, VIPColor VP485 and Afinia L801 color label printers based the sizing instructions you specify. Please submit a custom label request with your specific measurements.


Can I See Samples of Primera LX900 Lip Balm Labels?

Yes. We can send you a sample label kit so that you can see the quality and feel the unique properties of our lip balm tube labels. Request a free label sample and we will promptly send you sample labels.


Can I Make My Own Private Label Lip Balm Labels Using These?

Yes. Use label design software such as Adobe Illustrator or NiceLabel and enter your own custom text and graphics.


Can I Use These Labels For My Lip Gloss Tubes?

It depends on the size and shape of your lip gloss tubes. Remember, these measure 2.01inches by 2.13 inches and include a perforation along the top for the cap's safety seal. You can request a free label sample to get a better idea of how these lip balm labels will fit with your lip gloss tubes. We can also custom cut labels in any size if desired.


Do You Provide Printed Labels For My Lip Gloss Tubes?

While we offer custom labels, this service is limited to cutting and sizing the labels for use in your Primera, VIPColor or Afinia color label printers. We also offer label design and printing services.


Do You Provide Wholesale Lip Balm Labels?

We sell direct to clients of all sizes. If you require lip balm labels in bulk, please contact us for a personalized lip balm label quote.


Whether you need standard or custom lip balm tube labels, rest assured that Optimedia Labs has the best quality lip balm labels for Primera LX400, LX800, LX810, LX900 , VIPColor VP485 and Afinia L801 color label printers. Order lip balm tube labels today.