Name Badge and Tags

Name Badge and Tags

Print your own Name Badge and Tags with a color label printer from Optimedia Labs.

Imagine walking up to a person and not knowing his or her name. The ice is easily broken when he or she is wearing a visible name badge or tag. This also removes the awkward moment of forgetting a name. Most businesses can benefit from having name badges or tags.


Very few business events are successful when a crowd of people interact without a name badge. Whether it is a business conference, employee retreat or a way to identify visitors, using name badge labels/tags can help communications.


Fortunately, the maker of the LX400 color label printer understands how important it is to have quality name badge labels/tags. Primera LX400 color label printer has the right features to produce full color or black and white name badge labels/tags.


LX400 printing name tagIt is easy to produce customized name badge labels/tags with the Primera LX400 and LX900 color label printer. This printer is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Additionally, the printer includes label design software that makes creating picture perfect name badges easy and affordable.


Business professionals can make a distinguishing statement with customized name badge labels/tags. The Primera LX400 prints quality images by using 4800 dpi resolution. Name badges or tags come out water and scratch free. The only thing visible is the person’s name and any other customized design.


The Primera LX400 offers colorful, personalized name badge labels/tags for a variety of purposes. Businesses can use this high-quality printer to create on-demand name badges for schools, medical facilities and trade shows.


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As a top seller of Primera color label printers, Optimedia Labs provides everything a business needs to print quality name badge labels/tags. In addition to offering the LX400 and LX900 color label printers, Optimedia Labs also sells printing supplies. Business owners can make Optimedia Labs their one-stop printer partner and receive the best in name badge labels/tags for special events.

name badge for visitor printed on LX400

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