Epson Printers

Expand your printing capabilities with Epson color label printers

Let’s face it: black and white standard-shaped labels are a relic of the past. Now that modern label printers are designed, you can print colorful high-resolution labels of nearly any size and for any purpose, from food and beverage labels to extra-durable GHS BS5609-compliant chemical labels. And Epson ColorWorks label printers are some of the best to meet the demand of businesses for high-quality, crisp labels that stand the test of time.

Are you a fan of Epson and looking for an upgrade or replacement? OptiMediaLabs has a lot of Epson choices for you, so dive in!

Buy an Epson color sticker printer and enjoy its versatility

With these Epson printers, you’re not limited to printing standard label types. They are perfect for everything, from ID badges, retail labels, and medicine stickers to highly durable labels to be exposed to harmful substances and extreme weather. Epson full-color label printers for sale are truly versatile printing machines that cover any labeling needs of a small or medium business.

ColorWorks is often the first series that comes into your mind when you think of Epson. At OptiMediaLabs, we carry Epson color label printers from the brand’s famous ColorWorks line to give you more options when choosing a printer for:

  • Black and white or color printing (4 colors) using pigment inks
  • High-resolution prints
  • Matte or glossy media
  • Adjustable or fixed printing width
  • High printing speed

If you need an extra media spindle or unwinder, go for an Epson printer that comes with it. In case we don’t have the required accessories available, OptiMediaLabs will source your Epson must-haves for you.

For any assistance, call 1-888-646-0573. We’ll be glad to help you with choosing your perfect Epson printer.

Get an Epson printer that’s good for everything you set it up for

Looking for a multi-purpose Epson printer for your daily labeling activities? Do you have a pre-approved budget for this equipment? When you choose OptiMediaLabs to order an Epson color label printer, the price will be a pleasant surprise! Our prices are more than just competitive, so you can save when gearing up for your print runs.

We realize the importance of picking the right tools for the job. So if your budget is limited, there is a lease option for your convenience.

Buying an Epson ColorWorks label printer is always a good idea if you value precision, print quality, and equipment reliability!