Barcode Ribbons

Optimize your labeling processes with quality barcode thermal transfer ribbons

Before barcode labels were invented, supply chain and logistics facilities were overloaded with manual labor and human error. However, things have changed now. Today, you can see these zebra-like stripes everywhere, from a production facility to a packaging center to a warehouse. No matter what your operations and label needs are, OptiMediaLabs offers a range of barcode printer ribbons for sale so that your barcode labeling processes are never an issue to worry about.

We source barcode printer ribbons from reliable partners, so you should never expect an ‘out of stock’ reply when you place an order. At OptiMediaLabs, we realize that the timely delivery of quality consumables is key to running your business seamlessly.

Get a thermal barcode ribbon that’s a perfect fit for your printer

Are you restocking your inventory, identifying raw materials, or preparing your goods for delivery? Each stage has specific requirements for the barcode shape, size, durability, and other characteristics. And when you need a few types of thermal barcode ribbons to cover your business needs, finding them all in one place can be tricky. Fortunately, OptiMediaLabs has an ample range of barcode ribbons for any purpose, and we can even source any specific product for you.

As you start exploring your ribbon options, get ready to come across barcode thermal transfer ribbons for a variety of applications and durability requirements, including near-edge, wax, wax/resin and resin options. Their sizes and specifications vary to fit Zebra, GoDex, CAB, Printronix, and other label printers.

You can order black, blue, gold, green, red, silver, and white ribbons in the most commonly used roll sizes:

  • 0.5" cores for desktop barcode printers
  • 1" cores for industrial barcode printers

If you’re in the dark about technical requirements or which ribbon type is better for your barcode printers, call 1-888-646-0573 to speak to an OptiMediaLabs specialist.

Affordable consumables for your labeling needs

Barcode labeling is all about precision, resistance, and quality, which is why selecting ribbons should be taken seriously. If your barcode applications don’t involve UV exposure, cheaper ribbons can be used. Keep in mind that barcode printer ribbon prices may depend on the shape and size, but the range of applications comes first.

OptiMediaLabs sets the most competitive prices on the market. With us, you can buy barcode ribbons knowing that you aren’t paying more than they actually cost. What’s more, we’re always ready to give you advice regarding optimizing your expenses.

Also we are happy to provide customers with a free sample ribbon to test with their printer and labels, to make sure it works well. They just have to request one with our Sales Specialist.

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