Specialty Food Labels

Specialty Food Labels

Print your own specialty food labels with a color label printer from Optimedia Labs


Specialty Food Labels printed with LX900

Typically, specialty foods are the products of a passion for grand quality and taste. Simply having the name specialty does not make it so. There is a certain amount of time and effort invested to enrich specialty foods with a differentiating taste. However, consumers are unaware of the quality until they purchase the products. This awareness usually comes from a clear communication between specialty food labels and the consumer. Something about the label overcomes the marketing challenge and tells consumers that quality is within the packaging.


Specialty food labels help business owners display professionalism, quality and passion. Using the right color label printer helps to communicate this message. Customers know that care and passion went into developing a quality product.


Business owners can print specialty food labels on-demand with a Primera LX900 color label printer. With the LX900, specialty food labels come out clear and crisp because of the 4800 dpi resolution in the printer. Specialty candies, baked goods, cheese, nuts and salad dressings never looked so good.


LX900 printing specialty food labelsMost specialty food manufacturers know the quality of using a Primera LX900 for short-run, high quality printing needs. Personalizing specialty food labels is an excellent way to distinguish products from the competition. Further, specialty food labels are a perfect choice for special events such as a wedding, anniversary or holiday greeting.


Owning a Primera LX900 allows business owners to print specialty food labels as needed. This will eliminate excessive inventory of unused labels for outdated products. On-demand printing also reduces the wait time for specialty food labels from a professional printing company. Business owners can print five or five hundred labels based on quantity need.


Count on Optimedia Labs for Printers and Printing Supplies for Specialty Food Labels

As a top seller of a leading color label printer manufacturer, Optimedia Labs is committed to helping business owners achieve success. Along with the Primera LX900 and Primera LX400, Optimedia Labs has printing supplies to keep specialty food labels expressing the right message.

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