Wine Labels

Wine Labels

Print your own wine labels with a color label printer from Optimedia Labs


Wine labels printed by LX900 and LX400 color label printer

Wine bottlers know the nuances that make great wine pleasing to loyal customers. Based on this knowledge, nothing is compromised in selecting the right ingredients to make fine wine at the right time. Coupled with favorable reviews and wine tasting events, business can soar. Likewise, wine bottlers also know that wine labels and bottle designs will attract new customers. With numerous selections on the shelf, wine bottlers must possess the savvy to make wine labels stand out.


Creating customer attraction for wine labels requires the use of color, unique designs and quality materials. The message on the bottle tells potential customers that great flavor waits within. The use of crystal clear images can make a connection with customers who have not tasted the wine. The best tool for creating a compelling message on the wine bottle is a high performing inkjet printer.


LX900 printing wine labelWine bottlers have the opportunity to use advanced technology to print wine labels. The Primera LX400 color label printer is a leader in the industry for producing quality, professional wine labels on-demand. A combination of 4800 dpi print resolution, full color and scratch resistant material makes the LX400 a perfect choice for wine bottlers.


The Primera LX400 makes it easy to create high-quality wine labels as needed. Customizing wine labels also makes it easy to provide a great bottle of wine for corporate and individual clients. The LX400 color label printer can produce designs for wine labels with a company logo, anniversary date or wedding picture.


Wine Label Printing Supplies from Optimedia Labs

Wine bottlers can have confidence in the number one seller of Primera LX400 and Primera LX900 color label printers. Optimedia Labs offers the best inkjet printer technology for business owners in Canada and the United States. Whether the need is for an on-demand color label printer or the materials to produce wine labels, Optimedia is the perfect business partner.

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