Water Bottle Labels

Water Bottle Labels

 Print your own water bottle labels with a color label printer from Optimedia Labs

Water bottle labels printed with LX900 color label printer

As one of the most popular beverages, bottled water is a high-selling consumable in the world. Millions of people need and desire to drink clean water that tastes great. Bottlers that use water purification facilities or resources for natural spring water are capable of meeting this high demand.


The possibilities of water bottle labels are endless when combined with a Primera LX900 color label printer. This high-quality label producing printer promises to produce the best in water bottle labels. Bottlers and business owners can benefit from using the 4800 dpi resolution quality of the LX900 for picture perfect labels.


LX900 printing bottle water labelThe Primera LX900 is a leading color label printer in the industry, offering short-run options for water bottlers. Equipped with printer drivers compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, anyone can benefit from the printers efficiency and flexibility. Included with the LX900 is label design software that expands creativity options with customization.


Water bottlers can customize labels with company logos, marketing slogans and photographs. The Primera LX900 color label printer makes labeling easy to create in a matter of minutes. Further, water bottle labels are printed in the quantities needed, eliminating excessive inventory.


By using a quality, affordable color label printer, bottlers can offer consumers even more. With the right design and material, water bottle labels can become a handheld billboard that communicates the clean water, great taste guarantee. Personalized water bottle labels can also be used as promotional items or free giveaways during a sporting event or walkathon.


Optimedia Labs is the Perfect Printing Partner for making Water Bottle Labels

Water bottlers will soon learn that Optimedia Labs is a partner in producing quality water bottle labels. Recognized as a top Primera seller of both the LX900 and LX400 color label printers, Optimedia Labs serves customers in Canada and the United States.

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