Coffee Labels

Coffee Labels

Print your own coffee labels with a color label printer from Optimedia Labs.

Coffee Labels, Tea Labels printed with LX900

Quality is an essential factor when producing coffee/tea labels to attract customers. Whether the labels are placed on coffee or tea tins, bags or cartons, presentation matters to have a successful promotion. Coffee/tea labels should compliment, not contrast, the product image and packaging. If the look is unappealing, potential customers might assume the taste is worse.


Further, it is difficult to stand out from the competition with a bland label. Manufacturers of coffee and tea beverages need to have appropriate label styles and materials. This will ensure the overall design of coffee/tea labels will stick and perform the most important task: sell the coffee and tea.


LX900 printing tea labelsPrimera LX900 color label printer is designed to ensure coffee and tea beverage manufacturers make the right first impression. This high-technology printer allows business owners to print photo-quality, full color coffee/tea labels. Using a 4800 dpi resolution, the LX900 color label printer offers high quality labels at an affordable price.


Purchasing the Primera LX900 eliminates the need to order large amounts of labels from a printing press. Coffee/tea labels are printed as needed, guaranteeing no obsolete inventory of unused labels. The LX900 color label printer is the ideal match for producing scratch-resistant, waterproof labels for coffee and tea products.


Many business owners of retail shops, private label growers and roasters find great benefit in using the Primera LX900 for short-run coffee/tea labels. This printer allows the customization of packaging with labels that include company logos and pictures for special occasions. The flexibility of short-run label printing also permits owners to promote seasonal products.


With the Primera LX900, business owners do not have to wait several days or weeks for labels. Rather, they will have the coffee/tea labels when needed, removing the need to wait for an order fulfillment from an outside vendor.


Partner with Optimedia Labs for Printing High-Quality Coffee Labels and Tea Labels

Optimedia Labs is Primera’s top seller for the latest in inkjet technology perfection. Offering both the Primera LX900 and LX400 color label printers, Optimedia is a one-stop shop for businesses that want flexibility and quality.

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