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Primera LX900 Color Label Printer - 74411 [Factory Remanufactured]


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Primera LX900 Color Label Printer - 74411


The Primera LX900 color label printer takes desktop label printing to a whole new level. First, there's the image quality which can't be beat at 4800 dpi. As if printing photo-realistic product labels on demand weren't enough, the Primera LX900 is ultrafast. It prints labels up to ten times faster than its predecessor the LX800/LX810. It's also more economical to operate thanks to its semi-permanent ink head and individual color ink cartridges. Since you replace only those colors that run low, the Primera LX900 reduces wasted ink.


On-Demand Product Label Printing

The Primera LX900 color label printer is faster and more economical to operate than its siblings. It is also a terrific alternative to using commercial printing companies who typically have minimum print run requirements and high costs. If you don't use all of the labels you were forced to order, your actual cost per label could be far higher than your realize. Another problem with ordering product labels in bulk occurs when you need to make a change. Whether your product is subject to a new regulation, a name or ingredient change, or simply needs an update, changing labels after they've been printed is virtually impossible.


With the Primera LX900 color label printer, you print your product labels as needed and can incorporate any changes into the labels by updating the label design before you press the print button. Your product labels look amazing and can contain the most current product information possible.


Primera LX900 Printer, Ink Cartridges & Label Pricing:

Primera LX900 Label Printer

Primera LX900 Ink Cartridge

Primera LX900 High Gloss Labels

Primera LX900 Matte Labels

Primera LX900 Semi Gloss Labels

Primera LX900 Matte Polypropylene Labels

Primera LX900 High Gloss Polypropylene Labels

Primera LX900 White Polyester Labels

Primera LX900 Clear Polyester Labels

Primera LX900 Gold Polyester Labels

Primera LX900 Silver Polyester Labels



Affordable Color Label Printing

The Primera LX900 color label printer quickly pays for itself by eliminating costly minimum print runs and reducing label and ink waste. It uses a set of four individual ink cartridges: Cyan (Primera 53422), Magenta (Primera 53423), Yellow (Primera 53424), and Black (Primera 53425). By having separate ink cartridges for each color, the Primera LX900 uses less ink than its single color cartridge counterparts. For example, if your label designs use a lot of yellow ink, as the yellow ink runs out, you simply replace the yellow ink cartridge. In contrast, if your printer used a multi-color cartridge, you'd have to replace all of the colors, not just yellow.


What to Print with the Primera LX900 Color Label Printer

The Primera LX900 color product label printer is well-suited for all kinds of label print jobs including:

  • Wine and beer bottle labels
  • Food labels
  • Snack labels
  • Specialty items and gift labels
  • Coffee and tea labels
  • Beverage labels
  • Pet food labels
  • Personal care product labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Vitamin labels
  • Promotional items
  • Name tags
  • Stickers
  • Shipping boxes and cartons
  • Aromatherapy labels
  • Lip balm labels
  • Essential oil labels
  • Gourmet food labels
  • Chemical labels
  • And more…


If you're looking for a premium label printing solution capable of printing high resolution, full color labels worthy of your products, choose the Primera LX900. Its print quality is surpassed only by its speed and ease-of-use. Blank label stock, label design software, and individual color ink cartridges come with the Primera LX900, making it ready to start printing straight out of the box.