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Printing Professional Quality Labels from a Compact Primera LX500 Label Printer

Printing Professional Quality Labels from a Compact Primera LX500 Label Printer

Posted by Jim on 2nd Jun 2020

The Primera LX500 and its sibling model with an auto cutter, the Primera LX500c, is a value-priced, 4-inch colour label printer. Despite its affordable price point and small size, the Primera LX500 delivers professional quality, full colour labels at up to 4800 dpi. The Primera LX500 is inkjet-based and suitable for printing a wide range of 4-inch labels including: wine labels, soap labels, coffee and tea labels, candy labels, nut labels, and more.

Optimedia Labs sells both the Primera LX500 and Primera LX500c with most orders shipping within two business days.

Ordering Blank LX500 Labels

We also have a large inventory of blank LX500 labels made specifically for use with Primera’s inkjet-based label printers. The LX500 uses the same labels as the older Primera LX400. Thus, LX400 and LX500 labels will work with this printer. We have high gloss paper LX500 labels, matte paper LX500 labels, high gloss polypropylene LX500 labels, and matte polypropylene LX500 labels. You can also order custom LX500 labels if needed.

Replacing Primera Ink Cartridges

As with any inkjet-based label printer, you’ll eventually need to replace the Primera LX500 ink cartridge. The LX500 uses a single Primera 53374 high yield color ink cartridge.

The Primera LX500 / LX500c is intended for smaller print runs. With a single ink cartridge, ink management is easy. We do recommend, however, that you keep an extra ink cartridge on hand for those times when you can’t risk running out of ink. Order Primera LX500 inks online.

With its entry-level pricing, outstanding print quality, and wide availability of blank LX500 labels, the Primera LX500 and LX500c is ideal for small businesses that want to produce high quality, professional labels on demand.