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CX1000/CX1200 Labels

Primera CX1200 Labels for High Speed Label Printing

The Primera CX1200 digital label press is a high quality, high speed label printer that produces high resolution color labels in short or large print runs. Its impressive print speed of up to 16.5 feet per minute requires label stock that dries instantly and will not smudge or smear as it moves through the system. Our Primera CX1200 labels are designed specifically for use with this high speed digital label press and its advanced dry toner-based inks.


Durable Primera CX1200 Labels

In addition to surviving the printing process, our Primera CX1200 labels are designed to be extremely durable and colorfast. We offer Primera CX1200 labels made from a variety of substrates including coated paper, polypropylene (BOPP), and polyester film. Many of our labels are formulated to resist water, oil and grease, and chemicals. In addition, we offer BS5609-certified Primera CX1200 labels for labeling chemical drums, oceanic equipment, and other items subject to maritime labeling requirements.


Custom Primera CX1200 Labels Available

Optimedia Labs also offers custom label making services to Primera CX1200 owners who need an unusual size or shape. Request a custom label quote.


Primera CX1200 Labels for Virtually Any Application

With a large selection of paper, polypropylene, polyester film, and BS5609-certified Primera CX1200 labels, we have all of your blank label and tag needs covered. However, we realize that it can be challenging to pick the right label type for any given use. Upon request, we can send you sample Primera CX1200 labels so that you can evaluate each label type firsthand as well as test the different labels in real world conditions.

CX1200 Labels

These CX1200 Labels are designed to be printed with the CX1200 Toner Cartridges

57502 8.5" Continuous Roll 1250 ft $ 160.00
57501 8.5" Continuous Roll 1250 ft $ 135.00
57511 8.5" Continuous Roll 1250 ft $ 625.00
57512 8.5" Continuous Roll 1250 ft $ 720.00
57510 8.5" Continuous Roll 1250 ft $ 890.00
57509 8.5" Continuous Roll 1250 ft $ 440.00
57514 8.5" Continuous Roll 1250 ft $ 325.00