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Get yourself the right pigment label printer such as Afinia L502 Colour Printer

Get yourself the right pigment label printer such as Afinia L502 Colour Printer

Posted by Admin on 22nd May 2021

Every day the technology is advancing to a new level. It is solving the more persistent and rugged problems every day. One such problem is a durable label over the materials facing harsh conditions and persistent marine environment.

The normally printed labels start fading away in harsh and difficult conditions. This leads to a loss of information about the product. Therefore, they cause a greater number of problems. Labels that can stand water and hold their color even after months of exposure to UV lights are the requirement.

This problem is overcome by the boon of technology. Pigment label printer prints the required labels. Such printer prints with the label which stands any amount of water, and fails to fade away even with months of UV and harsh sun exposure.

So, what’s the importance of a pigment label printer?

As we know that the global trade is at its peak. The geography of the past is history in today’s time. And this connectivity comes with marine transport and connectivity. But the marine transport goes through very rough conditions and harsh weather with high seas and blazing sun.

This puts the cargo through similar harsh conditions. Hence the cargo requires to be tough as well. And so does its labeling. Therefore, the label has to be printer under certain guidelines so that it does not fade away gradually with time.

The standard with which it has to print is called BS5609 (British Standard). This standard assures that the printer prints labels which are specified for pressure sensitivity and are adhesive coated for marine use.

All the businesses and firms need to assure this level of standard for a product to retain information over its labels. So, the printer under such specification prints with pigments which makes the labels water-resistant and rugged to makes multiple months' worth of UV exposure.

So, what to consider while getting a Pigment label printer for yourself?

There are a few points one should keep in their mind whilst buying a pigment label printer. These points are-

●Price- This is a major factor. The price should be within a viable range and not over the top.

●The printing standard- As mentioned about BS5609 standards, a pigment label printer must be able to print in the required specification.

●Print quality- A good pigment printer can print a label with optimum contrast, colours and durability.

●Print speed- a printer should have the capacity to maintain a good print speed of around 15 pages per minute.

A few good printers are Afinia L502 Colour Printer and Primera LX900 Color Label Printer used with Primera LX900 Dye Cyan Ink Cartridge.

Where can you find the best of the best printers?

If you live in Canada, stop your search. is your place to go. With a huge variety of printers to select from and a lot of choices offered, you have endless choices available. You get an exclusive range of Pigment label printers there. And rest assured of the timely delivery by them all through the country. is your one-stop-shop. Grab your printer now!