Label Maker

Label Maker

Posted by JB on 28th May 2022

Get the Perfect Label Maker for Your Needs with These Tips

Are you in the market for a new label maker for your home or office? With many different models and brands available from leading brands like Dymo, Brother, and Epson, it's often hard to know which one to choose. Use the tips below to select the best label maker for your needs.

What Type of Labels Will You Make?

First, consider the type of labels you'll be making most often. If you need to label storage containers or file folders, for example, you'll want a model that can create large, easy-to-read text. For more delicate applications, such as labeling wires or cables, look for a label maker that produces smaller labels and heat shrink tubes. On the other hand, if you need to print barcodes or other types of symbols, choose a model that has those functions built-in.

What Will You Be Labeling?

Next, think about the material the labels will be affixed to. If you'll be labeling smooth surfaces like glass or plastic, most Dymo or Brother label makers will work just fine. But if you need to label rough surfaces like wood, fabric, or metal, you'll want to select a model that works with specialty label tapes with the appropriate adhesives.

It’s helpful to view the list of available label tapes for the models you’re considering. For example, if you need to label uniforms or linens, is a fabric label tape available?

What Features Do You Need?

You'll also want to consider how easy the label maker is to use and how its features can save you time. For example, some label makers can connect to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth, so you can easily print labels from a database or spreadsheet. Others have built-in memory so you can save frequently used labels and recall them with the touch of a button.

Where Will You Use the Label Maker?

Consider the battery life and portability of the label maker. Many BrotherDymo, and Epson label makers come with rechargeable batteries, so you don't have to worry about replacing them. And if you plan on taking the label maker with you on the go, look for a compact, lightweight model with a built-in carrying handle or case.

How Affordable is the Label Maker?

Finally, take a look at the label maker's price and warranty. Label makers come in different price ranges, so there's sure to be one that fits your budget. And while most label makers come with a one-year warranty, some brands offer extended warranties for an additional charge or even come with lifetime warranties.

We’re here to help you find the perfect label maker for your home or office. Browse our label maker selection below or reach out to a sales associate for assistance.