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Taking care of the printer during work from home

Taking care of the printer during work from home

Posted by Admin on 19th Sep 2021

Many companies have forced to lock their doors and put work on hold as a result of the current corona virus (COVID-19) issue. If your company utilizes a big format printer with the colored cartridge like Epson GP-C831 Cyan Ink Cartridge, we've put together some pointers to assist you keep it running throughout the shutdowns.

Consider your printer in the same light as your automobile. You must service it on a regular basis and ensure that maintenance is performed to minimize breakdowns if you want it to operate properly and stay in good shape. Large format printers go through hundreds of cycles, therefore they need to be treated with respect.

Shutting down your printer for a long period of time

Unfortunately, many printers are now turned off until further notice. We thought we'd provide some essential points to help you prevent problems once your computers are back up and running.

First and foremost, each piece of equipment should be cleaned manually. This will guarantee that everything is clean and ready to go when you restart normal operations.

Check your ink cartridges and bottles to make sure you have enough ink. If it's been a while since you've printed anything, many printers will start an automated maintenance cycle. You can get the Epson GP-C831 Magenta Ink Cartridge or Epson GP-C831 Yellow Ink Cartridge

Make sure your printer's waste tank is empty. This will guarantee that there isn't too much waste ink flooding the caps when you return to printing.

Do not, under any circumstances, just unplug the computer to turn it off. You must turn off your printer using the machine's power button to ensure that any capping mechanisms are engaged to prevent your cartridges from drying out, and many printers will also do an auto clean at this time.

Because the exact methods to shut down a printer differ by model, it's recommended to refer to the model's particular instructions or contact your account manager or our customer support team for assistance.

If you leave your printer on instead of turning it off, you risk drying out the print heads and also wasteful use of power.

You can get to the experts if the issue persists longer.